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Voxelpunk is a voxel game in development. This initial version is just an art program to test the engine. Future releases will add game content, terrain, swords, and other cool stuff yada yada.

World Size

Player scale is about 3 blocks high (1 block = 2ft | 0.6m).
World width is about 12 miles|20 km (150 mile2 | 400 km2)
World height is about 500 blocks (1000ft | 300m)


  1. Windows 10
  2. VR Capable Computer
  3. Vive VR Set

Payment Free stuff

Voxelpunk runs off of a "Fronation" funding model. You pay nothing. We sell in-game content to sponsors and give it to you. It's neither in-game ads, nor free-to-play, but it's both. Weird.


Download for free.