The original vision of Voxelpunk was to create an open-world RPG. Something like Skyrim, but editable. Minecraft was good, but it's not really a "game", it's kind of a Lego set. You just build things, and then you're done. I really wanted to bring the two ideas together: Build it, then play it.

Of course, with all the mods added to Skyrim, and the continuing development of Minecraft, it's obvious there's a place for such a game. That niche has become narrower as I've raced to build Voxelpunk in my spare time. So on the one side I'm racing against a fevered moding community, and on the other I've got a major corporation dumping millions, both trying to get where I'm at.

The first step was to build a good voxel editor. Basically just an art program, but one that can serve as the foundation of an open-world RPG. That's what I've got today. I've added a few more powerful editing tools, because while many voxel games derive their fun factor from the slow building of magnificent structures block-by-block, the fun factor of Voxelpunk is designed to be walking the hallways of your creation. So it's about building more quickly. The list of voxel editing tools is here, on the wiki.